ambie_22 (ambie_22) wrote in xaura_icons,

a few final touches

hey...I love my icon, but I was wondering if maybe you could fade out the edges of each pic in a darker green and maybe put some cute little designs around the pics so they dont look so plain...also on the eye photo...maybe get a different eye, and make it greener...and have the name in nice letters...also...I dont know if you know what this is, but some icons have this awesome affect...where it has movie lines, like in an old film, if you could do that, it would be awesome...if you can do it let me know...if you need the pics individually...let me know AIM is Musician376 thanks bunches...and i will credit
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hey, hows this??

if you need anything modified just ask :)
oh my gosh its perfect...thank you so so soooo much!

god bless
*amber* did an awesome job on my icon...but...I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I also would like to use it as my buddy icon for my AIM...but it is too big. And when I try to make it smaller, it doesnt show the animation. So if you could it would be great! I dont know if this will help, knowing how big to make it...but my AIM says it cant be bigger than 7168 bytes