Fi (cryingwithhavoc) wrote in xaura_icons,

i have some requests

i hope there simple to people...



i want it to start black with the words "Youth's the most unfaithful mistress" and then fade into checkers and fade back to black and then say "Still we forge ahead to miss her" and fade into the checkers again and back to black again to say "Rushing our moment to shine" and fade into checkers again...


another is again, start with black, and then say "We're not twenty-one" and quickly flash the number 21, and back to say, "but the sooner we are" and then fade into it saying "the sooner the fun will begin" and flash some sort of alcoholic drink


another black screen saying "Anyone will do tonight" and fade into "Close your eyes, just settle, settle" and then fade into "Well, I've got a bad feeling about this" and then fade into "I got a bad feeling about this" and then "To hell with you and all your friends, it's on"


and finally, black screen, to say "I'm coming over but it never was enough" and fade into checkers and then fade into a black screen that says  "I thought it through and my worst brings out the best in you"



i just please ask no swirly letters or pink text please stick with white or red

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